We believe that the role of women and youth is instrumental in driving the socio-economic transformation we want to see in Africa. It is therefore  essential that they are provided with the right opportunities and resources to take full advantage of their capabilities .

About Us

Think, Share, and Create Hub (TSCHub) is a Beijing-headquartered social enterprise dedicated to developing innovative products and services to aid the personal and professional growth of women and youth. We seek to help build a generation of equipped and resourceful African women and youth, who will actively contribute to wealth and job creation in their communities.

Our Vision

To be a highly resourceful hub that offers African women and youth the opportunities, resources, and skills they need to get to the next level in their leadership, career or entrepreneurship journey.

Our Mission

To make the right skills and opportunities available to all, in order to contribute to advancing sustainable development in Africa and beyond.

Focus Areas

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Career growth

Meet The Team


Thierry Titcheu

IT Consultant
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Pizwak Imtiaz

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Gaelle Ayamou

Co-Founder & CEO
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Laetithia Boga

Co-Founder & COO
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Raissa Yao

Co-Founder & CMO
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