• The TSCHub Team

It might never be the right time unless you start!

"I would really love to work on this, but I do not have the resources for such a big project at the moment."

How often do we hear young Africans say this sentence?

There are usually a lot of things we wish we could do, but it seems like there is no time, money, and opportunity for that. We hope a better season will come later on when there will be no difficulties. We will have plenty of time, money and opportunity to get started with our big project.

Well, let me tell you something. In most cases, that season will never come.

There are new difficulties that will come to replace the old ones. Tomorrow, you may be in a different position, but time constraints will still be a reality. You will earn more money, but in most cases, you will also spend much more money than you used to.

So in your lifetime, you might never feel ready to launch that big project, unless you start.

Today, I am bringing you four tips that will help you get started with that big project, wherever you are at.

1. Allow yourself to dream

Several young Africans have decided to stop dreaming. This is due to the several challenges that the continent is facing. Unemployment and under-employment rates are high among the youth. An entrepreneurial path is, therefore, tempting to many, but also too risky. Several have tried and have failed.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a regular source of income to survive. Everyone, including entrepreneurs, want to have a regular income. But there is something wrong with refraining yourself from looking beyond that. One thing doesn't exclude the other. You can have a job that allows you to earn a living, while also having dreams that you hope to see come true.

2. Find your vision or purpose

Once you allow yourself to dream, there are a whole lot of things that you will want to do, but you won't be able to do them all. That is why it is important that you identify what drives you.

Being purpose-driven will help you have much more clarity.

Your purpose will inform the decisions you make. You will know what exactly you should do and where you are hoping to get to in the future. Hence, your dream stops being a mere dream, to become something you are working towards. Besides, your vision can become a source of motivation and determination for you.

3. Break your vision down into steps

A vision, yet, is still a pretty broad and abstract concept. If you want to start working on that big project, you have to break it into small actionable steps. Otherwise, you will not know where to start and will keep thinking that it is not the right time to start.

Define your vision or your big project, and write down what you can do as part of it.

By doing so, you will be able to categorize those actions into different steps. Then you will know which step you can start with.

4. Don't underestimate the resources you have now

When you define these steps, you will realize that you have the resources to get started. We often think that we do not have the resources because we look at the project in its broad and abstract state. You might want to create a website that will be a reference for African culture among foreigners, for example. Then I am sure you have the resources to start with a simple blog post.

Take some time to write down what resources are readily available to you. Then, see how you can use them today in any of the steps you have drafted above. Suppose you don't have much time available, but even so, decide to commit 1 hour every day to work on your big project. At the end of the year, you will have invested 365 hours in the project, taking you closer to your vision.

Bottom line: You usually have nothing to lose by taking the first step. But you might miss a great opportunity to live your purpose by deciding to wait for the right time. The right time might never come, because most of the time when it is here, we are not able to see it.